International Orders

■ Welcome to our website!

For overseas customers, this is OLIVE des OLIVE official webshop.
You could shop for Japanese products from Japan.

Here is the steps for how to order from overseas.



■ Step 1 :
Create a tenso.com or 我就是日本代购 acconunt

Before start shopping, please create a tenso.com account

To order from our website outside of Japan, we recommend using a service like "tenso.com".
You can make your order out to their address and then they will send the package on to you.

For more details please visit the Tenso website, you may register for free:

開始購物之前,請登錄註冊 tenso.com我就是日本代購
您通過 tenso.com 或 我就是日本代購 可以在我們網店購物送到您家。

■ Step 2 :
Start Shopping

You are now ready to shop on OLIVE des OLIVE!
Visit our webshop at https://www.olivedesolive-ec.jp/.
Brouse through our website and start shopping!

FYI, you can choose from top banners that you are interested in, such as "New", "Category", "Magazine", and so on.
Usually valuable information is updated on the top of the page.


可以從New(新品), Category(分類), Magazine(雜誌)等有興趣的內容開始逛。

■ Step 3 :
Find items

Once you have selected your item, choose your color and size and click on purchase button, which is described as "Add to cart", means, add to shopping cart.

FYI,"Restock information" means the item is currently unavailable!

If you click "Add to cart" button, go to step 4.

If you click "Restock information", you will receive the mail once the item is restocked – step 6.

您找到想要的商品, 按Add to cart, 加入購物車–step 4

如果您想要的商品剛好沒有庫存, 按Restock information, 商品入庫之後會發給您消息喔!
想更了解這個功能請到step 6

■ Step 4 :
Add to shopping cart

Your chosen item is in shopping cart now.

If you want to continue, click on the button "Continue shopping" – step 5.

Once you are ready for check out, click on the blue button "Proceed purchase" – step 7.

如果想繼續購物,請按Continue shopping,並且參考step 5

已經逛好了,請按Proceed purchase,看step 7的購買步驟。

■ Step 5 :
Continue Shopping

After you click on "continue shopping", you can surf the item page again.

You can search for categories such as "new-arrival", "re-stock items", or item categories. You are also able to type any keywords and click Find.

Click on the shopping cart icon to confirm your purchases at any time.





■ Step 6 :
Request mail

Although your favorite item is not available currently, we can inform you once the item is restocked. In order to get the information, you need to fill in your Email address and click the blue button. The button "Register the request mail" means to register the request mail.

FYI, the request mail will be sent only the items are restocked. This is not reservation service. If the restocked items are limited, purchace will be available on first-come basis. If you change your mind when you receive the restock-information, you don’t necessarily have to buy our products. So feel free to register this useful features. Furthermore, please understand that if your registered item has different name or code, we cannot send the message even if the item is same.




■ Step 7 :
Log in / Sign up

If you already have an account, enter your ID and password. Click log in button, the blue one, and start ordering – step 10.
You can also log in with your LINE ID.

If you haven’t been a member of OLIVE des OLIVE, click blue button and fill in your personal information – step 8.
You are also able to finish registerring with your LINE IDstep 9.

If you want to purchase without creating an account, you can still shop as a guest – step 10.

按Log in(登錄)並開始訂購–step 10
您也可以使用您的LINE ID登錄。

如果您還沒有成為歐麗芙的會員,點擊藍色按鈕並填寫您的個人信息-step 8
您也可以用妳的LINE ID完成登錄。詳細請看step 9

如果您不想成為會員直接購買,妳仍然可以作為客人購物-step 10

■ Step 8 :
Sign up

Fill in your personal information.
For Postal Code, Prefecture, Address, and Phone Number, please use the information provided by tenso.com account or 我就是日本代购.

After filling your information,
agree to the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy", and click sign up button.


填好您的信息後,同意"使用條款"和"隱私政策",點擊"Sign up"按鈕

■ Step 9 :
Log in / Sign up with LINE ID

If you have LINE account and already finish filling in your personal information on LINE, you can use these information so that you can don’t need to enter your personal information again.


■ Step 10 :
Confirm delivery information

After log in, your personal information will be displayed.

If you purchase as a guest, fill in your information.
For Postal Code, Prefecture, Address, and Phone Number, please use the information provided by tenso.com account or 我就是日本代购.
After checking this page, go to "Ordering step" and finish your order.

Please take note that for overseas customers, only credit card payment is available.


確認信息正確之後,點"Ordering step"並完成訂單。


■ Step 11 :
Confirm your purchases and personal information

Please check your information is correct.
If it’s wrong, you can click on "Change" button and update your information.

After you confirm your order, please check out by clicking "Place your order".


確認訂單後,請點擊"Place your order"(下訂單)

■ Step 12 :
Place your order

Thank you !

Your order is completed.
You’ll receive confirmation email from us.
Please check your order information on the email.


也可以從"Check your order from My Page"個人頁面可以確認。

"Share your ordered item"從這裡可以跟朋友分享喔!

■ About Cancellation / Return / Exchange

・Cancellation    取消訂單

For OLIVEdesOLIVE WEBSHOP members, order can be cancelled from My page before AM11:00 the next day of ordering.
Customers who are not members of WEBSHOP need to contact customer service before AM11:00 the next day of ordering. In customer service page, first you need to select the first type on inquiry, written as "【WEB SHOP】ご注文のキャンセル・変更について"". Fill in your name and email address, and enter your order number in the blank.

您在客戶服務頁面首先要選擇第一個查詢內容("【WEB SHOP】ご注文のキャンセル・変更について"這一個),寫您的姓名和電子郵件地址後,在空白處填寫訂單號。

・Return / Exchange    退貨/換貨

We cannot accept returns/exchanges, sorry.